DPMS school review.

Draper park is an overall an amazing school for me, personally. We are the number 1 middle school in the state of Utah. You may think of our standards pretty high, which they are, but there are a few issues beneath the surface. I think the school has hired some pretty bad teachers in the […]

How I personally feel about this pandemic.

The Corona-virus has been a major pandemic that has affected families and friends worldwide. This has been going on for over 2 years now, and has become a new-normal. There has been so much devastation because of this virus. It has taken the lives of the people so near to us. I have gotten sick […]

How-to take care of your hamster!

I have much experience with hamsters. In fact, I am actually a hamster breeder! I will be giving you some life-tips on how you can create a safe environment for your little critter. I have had over 60 hamsters in just the past 6 years. Here is what I have found best to tending after […]

Orlando, Florida travel post.

  Here is my travel post all about Orlando, Florida. Florida is so much fun, especially Orlando! I highly recommend Orlando for a vacation! the weather is mainly sunny, but be prepared for the insane rainstorms! It gets wild when it rains in Florida. Also be aware of the humidity! my hair was so frizzy […]